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Start living life through a new lens with the 8 week Soulworkers online group program. Start living AWARE AWAKE and ALIGNED.

Become AWARE of your DESTINY


ALIGN with the DIVINE within you

and ALLOW your path to unfold living what you love.

Let's do this together. It's time. This world has been waiting for YOU.

This group program is perfect if you want to benefit of the year long one-on-one mentorship signature program but need to take it a little slower or are on a budget, like most of us are. With the 8 week group course, the year long program is divided into 4- 8 week segments lead by the seasons and the inner archetypes or soul guides they represent. (Spring- Sacred Light Body, Summer- Divine Alchemist, Fall- The Creatrix, and Winter- the High Priestess) These beauties will be leading the way through the transformation every 8 weeks. Take them one at a time or sign up for all 4. ( the first 3 must be taken before the last, Winter- High Priestess) The 2 month class will allow for one month of integration before the next 8 week group starts. This will create an opportunity to work with a sacred group of soulworkers to grow and evolve with into a sacred feminine embodiment leadership sisterhood.

Let me guide you through the 4 SACRED FIRES OF TRANSFORMATION

  1. SPRING EQUINOX (March-May) - THE SACRED LIGHT BODY, or TEMPLE BODY WARRIOR )guides- Durga, Kali, Mother Earth, Freya, AA Michael)

BODY: BECOME AWARE (CLEARING and CONNECTING)-reclaiming the sacred connection back to higher self, back to the sacred temple body, and back to the planet.

2. SUMMER SOLSTICE (JUNE-AUGUST) THE DIVINE ALCHEMIST (guides-Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Tara, and AA Raphael)

MIND: BECOME AWAKE (HEALING)-moving out old thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and not living your best life.

3. FALL EQUINOX(SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER) THE CREATRIX/ DIVINE WITCH (guides, Saraswati, Thoth, Hecate, Bridget, Hathor, Bast, and AA Gabriel)

SPIRIT: BECOME ALIGNED (PURPOSE)- align your creative power to discover your souls gifts and talents.

4. WINTER SOLSTICE ( DECEMBER-FEBRUARY) THE HIGH PRIESTESS (guides-Lakshmi, Isis, Astarte, Lalita, Aphrodite-Venus, and AA Jophiel)

SOUL: ALLOW (MANIFESTATION)- integrating who you are with what you do into what you love.

Learn to:

  • Connect back to the core authentic self
  • Let go of limiting belief systems
  • Heal past wounds personal, ancestral, and lifetime to create emotional freedom
  • Shift the relationship within yourself, others, and the planet
  • Decrease stress
  • Learn how to put yourself easily into a healing state
  • Discover yourself as a Self Healer
  • Reclaim your intuition
  • Connect in with your creativity and womb consciousness and meet your Womb Hera Dragon!
  • Transmute lower vibrational frequencies
  • Transform lower energy and alchemize your pain into healing
  • Become aware of your destiny
  • Awaken your souls deepest desires
  • Bring the art of the Sacred Feminine into your daily life and work
  • Align with your Soul-led life
  • Step into your gifts and talents to help light up this world
  • Become a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Leader
  • Co-create with the Universe a life you were born to live full of joy, bliss, awe, magic, wonder, abundance, inner peace, prosperity and empowerment!


(currently being offered to start the NEW YEAR of 2021!)

8 Weeks of Intuitive Tools and Creative Exercises to Embody the Feminine and Empower the Soul!

Week 1: (group call) Gifts of the Healer. INSIGHT. CREATIVITY. HEALING. MANIFESTATION. Introduce your Inner Guide: The Divine Alchemist. Meet your guides and role models for the 8-week practice. The Heart Centered Journey Back To Self. (activation and attunement)

Week 2:(group call) Illumination. Working with your Light Body. Finding Light To Make Sense Of The Dark. Repair fear based thinking to illuminate the world. Becoming heart centered to SEE the bigger picture. Balancing the masculine and feminine lens. Perception is everything! Making a Visual Healing Portal

(activation and alignment)

Week 3: (sister Call) The ART of Divine Alchemy. When spiritual consciousness meets the physical world. Rewriting your DNA. Integrating the shadow into the light. Your Daring REbirth: Creating a Phoenix Rising Story. Discover Where you are ready to take back your power and what you are ready to transform. (attunement)

Week 4: (group call) Not A Me Thing, But A WE Thing-Healing Ancient and Ancestral Wounds. Your Body As A record Keeper. 7 Generations. Repeated themes. Meet Quan Yin. Breaker of Chains and Ancestral Trauma, mother of infinite compassion and forgiveness. (Transmute and Transform Energies, Divine Alchemy.)

Week 5:(group call) Healing The Mother Wound-The ART of Kintsugi. Finding wholeness again. Becoming your own nurturing mother. Ways to Nourish yourself back to sacred. Meet Mother Mary, Queen of Angels- Nurturer, Teacher, Protector (transmuting energy)

Week 6: (group Call) Rebirth of the Sacred Sisterhood Of Light. Learning To Trust HER Again. Empowering the Voice. Protecting the expression of our light in the world. Collaborate not Compete. Together WE Rise. Healing the Witch Wounds and finding our sisters. Sisters of the Light: Releasing old patterns so light and talents can shine. Meet Mary Magdalene- Bringing Back Sacred To All (activation)

Week 7: (sister call) Allowing to Feel Whole and Shine Fully. Love for all your parts. Self love with the Divine Mother. Meet Tara-Following What Lights You Up-HER Eye Ever Open. Releasing fear of the light . (activation)

Week 8: (group call) Creating Our Own Reality-Endless opportunities and possibilities Embodying the Power of the Light. Working with the Sacred Diamond Light Body and ripple out your light. Bringing Sacred into everything you do. This is our (R)evolution.

Here is what other divine souls are discovering in this course:

"I have had too many transformations to list them all but I felt drawn to share this as my testimonial.

I was talking to my Mom about how much life has changed this past year, she said "Allison, since I gave you that piece of pottery and you mended it, I feel like it TRULY mended our relationship and created a new bond between us, and it opened up healing for us both. The transformation in our relationship as Mother and Daughter is healing us both, thank you!". I honestly haven't realized how much of a change we have had until she said this.

This course has healed so many parts of me and helped me to release old patterns that were holding me back from sharing my light and my gifts with others. I am truly grateful to be able to work with Molly through this process of Alchemy💖💫🦋"

Allison C, Healer and Psychic Guide

With the 8 week group program you will get:

  • 6 group recorded video calls to awaken and align
  • 1- 45min. creative intuitive deep dive call to align with souls purpose.
  • A welcome gift from the sacred feminine archetypes ( whatever current season we are working with) to embody and create sacred rituals and intentions for activating the divine within, The Sacred Light Body, The Divine Alchemist, The Creatrix, and the High Priestess.
  • Expert mentoring and soul guidance from Molly Douglas, LMHC, ATR-BC, will over 11 years of experience in body, mind, spirit, and soul integration.
  • Sacred Community and Sacred Sister Partnership intuitively chosen to collaborate and rise with throughout your 8 week group.
  • Access to private Facebook page for connection and support.
  • Access to Program and all content for up to 1 year.

8 week group $397.00


  • FREE online Sacred Self Care Membership Library for creative, intuitive and body centered tools and exercises for the duration of the 8 week course.
  • $200.00 discount if sign up for all 4 segments (ceremony and sacred gift at completion of all 4 segments with certification of completion as a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Leader and invitation to an in person retreat!)

Discover tools to start living AWARE AWAKE and ALIGNED by:

  • REconnecting back to the breath as your light tool and learn to use your body as an intuitive resource to guide you towards what lights you up and brings more joy
  • Work intuitively and creatively listening to the body to move out any blocks that keep you stuck and your creative flow blocked.
  • Connect back to your spiritual self through the ancient wisdom of the sacred feminine arts and connect with your higher self and Universal wisdom within. Discover how to be your own oracle, fortune teller, and guru.

You are your own sacred vessel just waiting for you to REdiscover HER and share HER with the world!

Let's do this together. It's time. This world has been waiting for YOU.


Your Instructor

Molly Douglas
Molly Douglas

Art Therapist, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor, Sacred Feminine Embodiment Leader

Molly Douglas is a teacher of the Creative Intuitive Arts, a mentor and guide of the Heart Centered Way of being, a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Leader, and an activist for the healing and evolution of the planet. Working in the field of trauma for the past 12 years has laid a foundation for her expanded knowledge and deepened her spiritual growth as a master of psycho-spiritual transformation. Molly blends her teaching and leadership as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Board-Certified Art Therapist, a trained Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor, a Level I & II Reiki Practitioner, and a channel for the divine light. Molly is the founder and Creatrix of Healing Arts, PLLC, A Body, Mind, Spirit Wellness Center and Lit From Within™ Living Aware, Awake, and Aligned.

Molly offers programs that support sacred embodiment, self-expression, inner spiritual authority, and soul leadership through an online classroom and community and global mentorship called Soulwork Signature™. Through the development of A Healing Arts Method™ or (A-HA Method), Molly has supported hundreds of clients to become the BRIGHTEST, and BOLDEST versions of themselves and sacred transformation to take place. Molly stands for the activation and embodiment of bringing sacred back to self, others, and the planet through the Art of the Sacred Feminine to help birth a new way of being for all.

Course Curriculum

  Week 2 The Divine Alchemist-Illumination: Finding Light to Make Sense of the Dark
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days after you enroll
  Week 3 Divine Alchemist-The ART of Divine Alchemy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 8 Divine Alchemist- Creating Our Own Reality-Endless Oppertunities and Possibilities
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for up to 1 whole year - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 15 days and we will give you a full refund.

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